Jan 29, 2024

Winter activities for older adults

How to keep spirits up this winter 

Are you struggling to think of fun-filled activities to keep your residents active and socially engaged this winter? Think no further! 

Our Oomph On-Demand activities and wellbeing platform is jam-packed with a wide range of winter activities for care home residents! 

Did you know?

  • During winter, older adults are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of the cold weather, seasonal infections, and social isolation. These factors can significantly impact their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

  • In the UK, approximately 2 million people suffer from the winter blues, commonly known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Associated with seasonal changes, seasonal affective disorder shares similar symptoms with other forms of depression, such as feeling low and a loss of interest in life. Other symptoms include being less active than usual and sleeping more. 


Winter Wellness

Care homes must encourage residents to engage in fun indoor activities to help combat the negative impacts of the cold weather. It will help residents stay active and socially engaged and keep their spirits up, which will help make winter a more engaging and enjoyable time.


Person Centred Software's Oomph On-Demand Wellbeing & Activities Platform offers a variety of enjoyable activities for residents and staff to participate in, which help: 

  • Enhance quality of life  
  • Improve physical and emotional health
  • Assist residents in maintaining their independence  
  • Improve family and friend interaction
  • Boost brain stimulation   
  • Improve balance and mobility  
  • Reduce isolation and loneliness  
  • Improve social interaction
  • Reduce depression  

Despite the wintery weather, with Person Centred Software's innovative wellbeing and activity solutions, residents can stay active and have fun whilst remaining warm and cosy. To provide some inspiration, we've put together a selection of our indoor activities that are perfect for residents during the winter months. 

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Improving health and wellbeing through art and creativity

Enriching the daily routines of care home residents with creative activities, such as drawing or painting, can positively impact their mental and emotional wellbeing. Through art and creativity, residents can communicate their thoughts and express themselves; these activities also offer a source of joy and fulfilment and a means of socialising and connecting with others. Care homes can easily incorporate these activities into residents' daily routines to boost their moods and help lift their spirits; art and creativity also help to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. 

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Oomph provides residents with a wide range of arts and crafts activities, from creating winter snow globes, winter-themed sensory bottles and festive wreaths to making Christmas jumpers, drawing and painting sessions, and more! These activities allow residents to express their emotions while improving their happiness and reducing stress. 

Cooking for better mental health

Cooking is a fun and interactive activity that can enhance resident's independence and foster social connections among residents. Involving various tasks such as stirring, kneading, and dividing food items into portions, cooking helps to improve dexterity and fine motor skills, particularly for people living with dementia who may struggle in these areas. Furthermore, cooking stimulates the five senses, sometimes bringing back pleasant memories.


Oomph offers a broad range of step-by-step recipes for making Christmas pudding milkshakes, cakes and unique fruit salad recipes to boost the immune system and winter warmers, such as 'Easy Shrimp and Chicken Paella' and more! Preparing a delicious meal can give residents a sense of accomplishment and pride while allowing care staff to bond with those they care for.

Looking after resident's mental health using exercise

Exercising regularly throughout the year is essential, but it becomes even more crucial for residents during winter, as it helps to prevent or delay many health problems that come with age and offers numerous benefits, including better cardiovascular health, improved bone density, and more. In group settings, residents can reduce feelings of isolation and increase social interaction through participating in exercise classes. 


Oomph's exercise activities help to keep residents warm and boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy over the winter months. From Pilates to rock and roll workouts and Bollywood dancing, Oomph offers something for every resident, ensuring everyone can find something to enjoy.

Achieving the best outcomes  

Care homes need to choose activities tailored to the unique needs and interests of the residents they care for to achieve the best outcomes. By doing so, it is guaranteed that the activities will be both enjoyable and beneficial to the overall wellbeing of the residents.

Oomph On-Demand allows people in care to participate in specialist activity programmes 24-7, tailored to meet each individual's interests and needs. Whatever their interest is, be it solving crosswords, engaging in crafts, reading activity books, learning about animals or baking vegan brownies, you name it, Oomph has it.  

Winter activities for older adults

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January 29, 2024

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