SLIDE Wellbeing

Improve your wellbeing delivery by getting guidance and support from experts. 

The SLIDE Wellbeing Assessment is for care homes who wish to undertake a detailed face-to-face assessment which is carried out by one of our wellbeing experts, who will review the home’s wellbeing provision and delivery. 

Our experts will conduct a full day assessment that reviews policy, delivery, planning and budget management.  

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SLIDE: Assessments built on 5 areas of focus







What does the SLIDE Assessment include?

  • A full review of working practices and approaches to resident wellbeing and delivery. 

  • Each home receives a detailed report alongside a 12-month plan to drive quality and good practice within the home setting. 

  • In addition, each home will receive an optional support session which the home can book at any time within the 12 months of assessment. 
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What are the benefits of the SLIDE Assessment?

Improved resident wellbeing

  • Enhances the overall quality of life for individuals using the service by focusing on their emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. 

  • Tailors care and activities to meet individual needs, fostering a positive living environment. 

Evidence-based decision making

  • Provides a structured framework for evaluating and documenting the effectiveness of current practices. 

  • Supports informed decision-making based on evidence, promoting continuous improvement.   

Competitive edge

  • Demonstrates a commitment to person centred wellbeing, setting care groups apart from competitors. 

  • Enhances the care group's reputation and attractiveness to potential residents and their families.  

Regulatory compliance

  • Ensures adherence to Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) and national frameworks, promoting compliance with regulatory standards. 

  • Reduces the risk of regulatory issues and supports the drive for 'Outstanding' ratings. 

Efficient resource allocation

  • Assists in identifying areas of strength and improvement, allowing for efficient resource allocation. 

  • Optimises the use of resources to enhance resident wellbeing and satisfaction. 

Wellbeing-centric culture

  • Cultivates a culture where resident wellbeing is at the forefront of decision-making. 

  • Encourages a holistic approach that considers emotional, physical, and mental health in all aspects of care. 

Strategic planning for the future

  • Facilitates long-term strategic planning based on the assessment's insights and recommendations. 

  • Positions care groups to adapt to evolving resident needs and industry standards, ensuring sustainability and growth.   

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