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The importance of upskilling care staff

Offering opportunities to upskill care staff is crucial for the health of your business and for the quality of life for everyone living and working in care

How Hamberley Homes provide meaningful activities for older adults in their care homes thanks to the Oomph! Wellbeing and Activities Platform

Discover how Hamberley Homes have managed to improve the quality of life for their communities with the help of the meaningful activities provided by Oomph! OnDemand Wellness and Activities Platform
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Mental health in older adults – the vital role played by exercise

Supporting mental health in older adults goes beyond clinical care, it’s about providing meaningful experiences through the use of activities such as exercise

Improving resident experience: the benefits of listening to the radio

Listening to the radio can improve resident experience through enhanced social, intellectual and emotional wellbeing

Introducing Radioline: the new radio and podcast feature of the Wellbeing & Activities platform

Through Radioline, residents can now enjoy 110,000 radio programmes and podcasts that cover genres from sports, to politics, to history, to news and everything in between 

Recipe of the Week – Crispy Japanese Chicken Burger

Get stuck in with your residents by trying this Japanese-style burger for our fourth Recipe of the Week!

Recipe of the Week – Chicken and Chorizo Jambalaya

Enjoy some amazing flavours by trying this healthy Cajun-inspired recipe for our third Recipe of the Week!

Living, not just existing: Wellbeing expert Jade Ellis on the vital role of wellbeing in care homes

Wellbeing expert Jade Ellis discusses the vital role that wellbeing plays in the quality of life of those living and working in care

What's new on the Oomph! On-Demand platform in April?

Head of Product for Wellness and Learning Steve Embleton explains all the new content hitting the Oomph! platform in April
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