About Oomph! Wellbeing and Activities

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Oomph! Wellness was founded in 2011 with the vision of using expertise in health, fitness and wellbeing to make a positive difference to people living and working in care, because from the beginning, the team recognised that everyone deserves to live a longer, healthier, happier life.

Oomph! began by going into care homes to give expert exercise and wellbeing sessions. Over the years, Oomph! evolved its offering to embrace digital technology. Soon, it grew to become the UK’s biggest wellbeing provider for both residents and staff in the care sector thanks to the Wellbeing and Activities Platform and Wellbeing Training for Staff. 

Becoming a member of the Person Centred Software family

In 2023, Person Centred Software acquired Oomph! Wellness.

The Wellbeing and Activities Platform was created to bring personalised, expert-led wellbeing content to every care home resident, so after eight years of partnering with Person Centred Software, the acquisition of Oomph! was the logical next step in building a Connected Care Platform for residents and staff that provides solutions to every aspect of care provision.  

Ensuring that residents enjoy the greatest quality of life possible, and empowering staff with the tools and knowledge they need to deliver outstanding care, sits at the heart of Person Centred Software’s mission to provide a truly interoperable ecosystem of care; with the integration of the Wellbeing and Activities Platform, and the Wellbeing Training for Staff, into Person Centred Software’s hub of products, we are now able to provide over 5,000 care homes with the very best content that has been proven to increase the quality of life for residents and staff in the care industry. 

With over one thousand activities, covering a range of topics like cooking, exercise, crafts and mindfulness, the Wellbeing and Activities Platform has paved the way for Person Centred Software’s Connected Care Platform to go above and beyond in tackling real-world challenges for care homes as well as providing the right solutions to every facet of health and social care.  


Part of the ecosystem of care

Person Centred Software offer a Connected Care platform covering the full spectrum of care management through a suite of integrated solutions with a focus on driving outstanding care and improving lives in social care.

Solutions include care planning, medication management (eMAR), wellbeing and activities, care home operations, intelligent care & analytics.   

Person Centred Software’s Connected Care platform allows you to use one solution on its own, or you can use multiple connected together, all through a single, easy-to-use device.    

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Our mission at Person Centred Software is to improve the lives of those living and working within care home communities across the globe. Adding the Oomph product and team to the portfolio further drives us towards this goal. Oomph is another piece of the ecosystem of care jigsaw that focuses on the wellness of mind, body and soul.   

By combining wellness and digital care, we will be uniquely positioned to bring an innovative, cutting-edge solution to the market that pushes wellness to the forefront of the agenda. In addition, combining care and wellness information will further enrich lives and provide insight and evidence into the impact wellness has on the care outcomes of people who live in care. It is a truly exciting opportunity, and we welcome the Oomph team into the PCS family.
Andrew Coles
Chief Product Officer