Jan 30, 2024

Improve the mental wellbeing of older adults in care homes with Oomph On-Demand

Helping to encourage mindful living and cognitive stimulation 


Our Oomph On-Demand wellbeing and activities platform allows everyone to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

With Oomph On-Demand, your care home residents and staff can access personalised and adaptable activities based on individual interests, specialist activity programmes, wellbeing programmes and tailored content 24-7! 

Some of the proven benefits of using Oomph On-Demand 

  • Helps to enhance quality of life   
  • Improves physical and emotional health   
  • Assists residents in maintaining their independence   
  • Improves family and friend interaction  
  • Boosts brain stimulation  
  • Improves balance and mobility  
  • Reduces isolation and loneliness  
  • Improves social interaction  
  • Reduces depression and anxiety   

Click here to discover more about Oomph On-Demand.

January 30, 2024

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