Jun 27, 2024

Finding suitable activities for dementia

Helping to positively impact physical health, cognitive function, and emotional wellbeing


Maintaining an active and engaging lifestyle for individuals living with dementia is essential for their overall wellbeing. 

By collaborating to provide daily opportunities for participation in activities and social interaction, care providers can help those living with dementia feel more involved and connected. This, in turn, can positively impact their physical health, cognitive function, and emotional wellbeing, significantly enhancing their quality of life.

There are many engaging activities for individuals living with dementia, from cooking, meditation, and art therapy to singing, dancing, reading, and writing; the list goes on! 

The above activities may seem straightforward to plan and deliver, but they need to be well thought out and can incorporate the Montessori approach. This approach prioritises the individual and empowers them to learn at their own pace, ensuring that personalised activities stimulate all senses and meet individuals' needs, interests, skills, and abilities. Understanding the Montessori method's core principles is essential for those considering it as part of a dementia care plan.

The Montessori approach to dementia care involves creating a supportive environment that promotes independence and enhances the quality of life. It focuses on engaging individuals in meaningful activities that align with their abilities and interests, fostering a sense of purpose and identity.


Click here to learn more about the Montessori approach, how to use it to engage residents, and how to put it into practice with those you care for.


Our Oomph! Wellbeing and Activities Platform offers a variety of Montessori-based activities for those living with dementia; for example, we have tons of recipes for making unique fruit salads, vegan flapjacks, traditional apple pie, and more! Whether for seasoned bakers or those trying it out for the first time, making bread, cakes, biscuits, or pies is a great way to get involved in the kitchen and can provide a sense of joy and accomplishment. It can also help maintain skills as dementia progresses. 


We also offer a diverse selection of craft activities, from step-by-step instructions for making tissue paper poppies and unique pieces of jewellery to colouring books and activity books that delve into diverse topics, incorporating enjoyable trivia, engaging quizzes, and stimulating puzzles, ensuring something for everyone.


Engaging in Montessori-based arts and crafts activities can have a calming effect on most people, including those living with dementia. These activities have been found to stimulate the brain, triggering the recollection of memories and, in some cases, even prompting the individual to engage in conversation.


Our Oomph! Wellbeing and Activities Platforms provide numerous ideas for incorporating the Montessori approach into continuous learning, maintaining ADLs, and connecting with the senses. This helps individuals feel connected and reinforces their sense of identity.


One of our partners, Mindful Care Training and Consultancy, provides the Montessori approach to dementia care training. If you would like further information, please contact info@mindful-care.co.uk.



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Mindful Care Training and Consultancy provides dementia care, wellbeing, and mindfulness services and specialises in training and consultancy to support the health and social care sector in providing excellent-quality care.


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June 27, 2024

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