About Us

Oomph! is an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to enhancing the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of older adults.

We work with residential and community care organisations to deliver ground-breaking, cost effective solutions to give older people the best possible quality of life, proving our impact every step of the way.

Our goal is to make millions of older people all over the world happier and healthier. In the process we want to create a care sector that puts quality of life front and centre.

This mission is enshrined in our governing documents and our company directors have a legal duty to deliver against this social purpose first and foremost. These commitments include:

• Publicly reporting our impact in helping older people become healthier and happier, and helping our clients and partners do the same.

• Ensuring that all our shareholders and partners are fully supportive of our social purpose and pursuing it over and above any commercial motives.

• Reinvesting the majority of our profits to furthering our social mission – investing in improvements in the experience for older people the world over.

Oomph! are backed by and work with many of the biggest names in the care and social enterprise sectors including Care England, NCF, CSP Network, UnLtd, Nesta, and the Big Lottery Fund.

Our story

March 2011

At 26 founder Ben Allen returns to the UK after working in Spain and Australia as a senior lecturer at the European and Australian Institutes of Fitness, specialising in exercise for older adults. Ben knocks on the doors of local care homes in his home town of Scarborough. He sees first hand the poor quality of life so many care home residents still sadly endure today and realises the dire need for a better way to deliver adult social care. 

Ben starts working with the Dunollie care home in Scarborough, which was the first to understand Ben’s mission and vision (and still work closely with Oomph! today).


Ben works closely with care homes and residents to create a unique approach to exercise that lifts the mood of not just the residents but the whole care home. By creating a party atmosphere, residents learn to love and embrace exercise - vital for their health, independence and happiness. He receives support from UnLtd to expand and more and more care homes love Ben’s concept and its results. Oomph! begins to grow rapidly across Yorkshire and the North East of England.


Ben rolls out his model across the North of England, developing  a network of expert, passionate and committed trainers who want to help older people, and providing careers for more than 30 people who were struggling to find employment.   Ben is recognized as Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Shell Livewire - the first social entrepreneur to win the award.


Oomph!’s rapid growth sees it deliver regular, fun classes to more than 600 care homes including some of the largest groups in the country. Oomph! launches its training model with Bupa & Hallmark - a professional training programme backed by a comprehensive suite of resources that allow any group, organization or individual helping older adults to provide very cost effective, high quality regular Oomph! classes themselves.

Oomph! wins the Big Venture Challenge - a prestigious social impact and financial support programme from UnLtd and the Big Lottery Fund, backing the most promising social enterprises in the UK. Oomph! expands its senior management team to build a platform for rapid growth, including very experienced business, exercise and social impact experts.


Oomph! trains 350 members of staff in care homes to become qualified Oomph! Instructors working with some of the biggest names in the industry - including Barchester, Anchor, Avery and Caring Homes.  Oomph! is supported and recognised by the likes of Nesta, Deloitte & NAPA and featured in The Observer, The Telegraph and on ITV News.


Oomph!'s growth continues exponentially, with over 300 people trained in the first 6 months. Oomph! sees that the same principles that make its Exercise Leadership training successful could transform wider Activity provision so the Activities Leadership programme is developed and launched exclusively with Brighterkind, then rolled out to the wider market.

Oomph! strikes its first community partnership with Alzheimers Society and publishes its first Annual Impact report sharing the impact data it has collected on its work with the wider industry.


Oomph! evolves its offer to provide a combination of training support and services to anyone working with older adults to maximise their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and showcases its work at the CQC Managers and Directors conferences.

303 staff from 134 care settings trained in Activity leadership in the financial year 2015/16. Oomph! works with a growing number of community organisations, including local authorities and Community Sports Partnerships, to deliver physical activities to help older adults living at home to improve their health, social opportunities and independence.

Our Team

Ben Allen

CEO and Founder

Kate Colborne Baber


Parita Doshi

Head of Impact

Steve Gardner

Head of Training

Ben Benson-Breen

Activities Leadership Development Manager

Kirsty Jennings

Head of Finance

Sue Twyman

Finance Manager

Kloe Leaver

Assistant Accountant

Matt Halfin

Head of Marketing

Emily Gordon

Marketing Assistant

Alex Evans


Izzy Lisk

Account Manager

Hannah Toulson

Account Manager

Omolade Ojo

Account Manager

Alex Roberton

Account Manager

Ben Wilkins

Head of Community Development

Chris McNamara

Business Development Manager

Robert Conway

Business Development Manager

Dan Clark

Development Manager

Scott Occomore

Oomph! Trainer

Shital Patel

Executive Assistant

Mike Parsons


Helen Gironi

Non-Exec Director

Mark Hodgkinson

Non-Exec Director

Victoria Metcalfe

Dementia Specialist

Partners and Supporters

We are grateful for the support we have received from:

Oomph! partners

Some of the 900+ care settings Oomph! have worked with:

Barchester Alzheimers_Soc Anchor
Embrace Brighterkind Hallmark
WCS_Care Caring_Homes Hica
Avery Majesticare St Cloud
MHA HC Meridian
Orchard Exemplar PrimeLife
Crossreach Friends_Elderly Gracewell
Care_South Wellburn Carebase
CLS Meallmore Dementia_pathfinders
CareUK Sussex Somerset
Avante Brendon_care Belong
ACS Active Cumbria Bexley

Work for Oomph!

Head Office

We currenty have 1 job available:

Job Title: Activities Course Co-ordinator

Head Office: Wimbledon, SW19 5DX

Location: Various locations across the UK

Job Type: Contract

Job Description: Oomph! are looking for eperieinced, energetic and fun Activity Leads/Occupational Therapists to deliver our Activity Leadership Training course. We are driving an activity based culture within care homes/care settings that supports co-ordinators and raises awareness of the impact that activities can have.

To apply for this role, you would need to be able to travel around the country and stay 1-2 nights away from home per week when delivering training. You must hold a valid UK driving licence and be a fluent English speaker. You are paid per day for the training with expenses covered by Oomph!. The contract is flexible and we would aim to deliver 1 course per week with a view to progress within the company. For more information about what we do, please visit the 'About Us' section at the top of our website. 

Please send your application to Steven Gardner, Head of Training at steven@oomph-wellness.org stating how many years of experience you have as an Activities Co-ordinator/Occupational Therapist.


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