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Transforming the Quality of life in Older Adults

We are producing some remarkable results

Oomph! exists to transform the quality of life of older people everywhere through fun, inclusive health and wellness programmes built around exercise and meaningful activities.

We provide training for staff and volunteers in care settings to offer innovative, personalised exercise and activity sessions for over 65s that improve physical mobility, social interaction and mental stimulation.  

We provide best-in-class research tools to track and map health and wellbeing outcomes, enabling individuals and organisations who work with older adults to better understand what works and why.

  • 1,080 Care workers trained
  • 33000 Sessions delivered per year
  • 13% Average improvement in quality of life
  • 530,000+ Partcipants per year

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Putting Oomph! into your Care Setting

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Change a life for less than 10p a day

Oomph! classes have been delivered in over 900 care homes.

We have trained hundreds of people across the country to deliver our sessions from the Shetland Isles to the Isle of Wight.

Join the Oomph! movement: Care homes, local authorities, home care and social care providers, community centres, gyms...if you are committed and passionate about improving the health and quality of life of older people in, get in touch.

It's amazing the difference to residents and team members alike that Oomph! training makes! Having experienced it myself it's so much fun and the health benefits are unquestionable

Avnish Goyal, Owner Hallmark Care Homes

Care home residents will thoroughly enjoy, and benefit from, Oomph! – a great way to exercise and have fun too. Oomph! has developed an excellent training and support programme that should give activity staff the confidence to lead sessions. The regular flow of updated material will also be welcomed as a way of keeping the activity fresh and lively.

Sylvie Silver, NAPA

The Oomph programme of training and support has proven to be a great inspiration to the staff and has shown immediate benefits to the residents in our care. The enthusiasm and energy of everyone in the Oomph business is infectious and has had a positive impact on all our staff who have been involved. We are very much looking forward to continuing to work with the Oomph team as a key business partner going forwards…

Mark Greaves, Managing Director, Ideal Care Homes

Living life to the full shouldn't stop at the care home door and a great way to promote the well-being of residents is through exercise and fun. It's all part of the person-centred approach that my inspectors are looking for. Congratulations to Oomph! for the enthusiasm and energy they have brought with their creative approach.

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, CQC

It is invigorating for the staff, residents and their families too. We are seeing even more interaction, fun and laughter in our homes, which is a key element of our culture and benefits staff and customers alike. We haven’t seen anything in living memory that has created such a positive response from people – residents, families and staff!

Christine Asbury, Chief Executive, WCS Care Group

I enjoyed the Oomph! training course. The theory sections really made us all think and the practical exercises were great fun. I’ve been an activity co-ordinator for 7 years so I interact with residents every day but I still learnt so much. The Oomph! instructors were great, they were patient, helpful and we felt we could ask them anything. I’m looking forward to getting back to my home and delivering my first ever Oomph! exercise class!

Jo Angell–Sedgwick, Activity Co-ordinator, Brookview Nursing and Residential Centre, Alderley Edge

Regular exercise and activity have been proven to have significant impact on the long term health, well-being, and independence of care home residents. Investment in high quality activity and exercise training for care staff - such as that provided by Oomph! Wellness – can yield positive outcomes and return on investment. In my view, Oomph!'s commitment to tracking and mapping the impact of their work makes them stand out in the care sector.

Des Kelly, CEO National Care Forum

Residents, and even their families, love taking part in the exercises provided by Oomph! and the energy and enthusiasm of the instructor is very infectious. Residents’ mobility and dexterity has improved and all in all the classes provide a positive experience for everyone in the home.

Lynn Buxton, Manager of Ashdale Lodge Care Home, Hull

Regular exercise and meaningful activities are so important for the quality of life of residents in care homes up and down the country. Care England encourage care homes not just to invest in these services but to really evidence the impact that these interventions have. Oomph! has impact measures and a commitment to person-centred interventions built on best practice and research.

Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive, Care England

Caring Homes are in the process of rolling out Oomph! training and support across all of our homes. Oomph! are a professional team who deliver a really high quality programme. Our residents - both in dementia and non-dementia settings - absolutely love it, and the impact on them is evident for all to see. The staff team are all very engaged in the programme and making a real difference to our homes. I thoroughly recommend Oomph! to all.

Laird MacKay, Managing Director, Caring Homes

Oomph! partners

Some of the 900+ care settings Oomph! have worked with:

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